Our History

VHT opened the doors on 23 July, 2007 with an objective to provide top quality heat treatment and Metallurgical consulting services to local manufacturers serving niche markets and support their growth. With time, the business expanded to serve local and interstate motorsport, gear manufacturing, construction, mining, general and precision engineering industry. A large percentage of our business ends up overseas, including the US and Europe. 

Our Values

The things that define us are credibility and our commitment to continuous improvement.

  • Credibility: Whilst physical attributes of a product can be measured, the quality of heat treatment becomes apparent only when a component is put to use. And that may be too late for you! Our customers can rest assured that the work that goes out of our door has been processed by a well-trained & committed team, in well maintained equipment, tested thoroughly and conforms to specification. If any non conformance is observed during testing , we always discuss it with the customer. It is this fact that has built our customers’ confidence in us and is the cornerstone of our credibility.
  • Commitment to Continuous improvement: The company’s strengths are a strong culture of ongoing training and development of employees, a commitment to resources and process quality as well as the expertise and knowledge of the team. Whilst VHT possess in house capabilities in developing process control systems, operational control and furnace engineering, we involve industry leaders for combustion engineering, PLC integration and instrumentation to continuously improve our processes and equipment. The company maintains close relationships with customers, steel and related industry to provide design and development back up to customers for product development, innovation and improvement.

Our Clients

We consider ourselves as an extension of our customers’ business. We believe in a win-win relationship with customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders. Aiming to add value to customer in every process, our values and conduct are guided by the foremost aim to increase customer competitiveness in their market.